Monday, 2 July 2012

Essay ,Friendship have become more important than family relationships.

Friendship have become more important than family relationships.
It is not easy to have good friends. And if we have them we can say that we are lucky. This is the reason why we are trying to do everything to care of it. We even think sometimes that friendship is more important than our family because family we have every day but friendship – no.
Indeed family is the most important because we can always rely on it, even in hard times. Friendship is usually short lasting. You can make friendship with your colleagues, mates from course or school. When you have to change the job or a living place everything is changing. And your friendships usually are ended. It is very difficult to preserve them.
Nevertheless it is good to have friends. We meet family members every day. It is worth sometimes to meet with someone else than family member and not colleague from work.
We want usually to preserve our relationships with friends. So we spend sometimes more time with them than with family. But when one of our friends disappointed us in one moment we remind ourselves about family. It is the most valuable for us. It will not disappoint us.
To conclude, I think that sometimes friendship is becoming more important than family relationships but indeed always the most important for everyone will be family.

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